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Anglų kalbos kursai

English lessons
Курсы английского языка

Anglų kalbos kursai

Welcome to start our learning journey together.

This website is an open virtual space where people can learn English by participating in different interactive activities/lessons as well as educational workshops and webinars. The key idea is that the real learning is happening while collaborating with one another. By creating safe and trustworthy environment, learners will be able to cooperate, share and learn from each other. This will help improve and strengthen their English language skills faster and more productively.


Anglų kalbos kursai

Online English lessons

Learning of the English language can be fun and engaging experience online. Every lesson is based on the individual abilities, needs and interests of the student. Interactive activities within a meaningful learning context will make development of the language more productive and authentic. The student-teacher interaction is happening ONLY in English during the whole lesson. The student is given an opportunity to access and use the language to the full in order to have as much practical advantage as possible. If you are interested in starting this online journey of the English language learning, feel free to register for your first online English lesson.

Anglų kalbos kursai

Online English café

Learning is better happening in collaboration. English Café is a great learning platform to overcome your language barrier as well as improve or promote communication and interaction skills. Up-to-date topics, relevant and most frequently used vocabulary will help you communicate on any topic as well as sound like a native speaker. English Café provides a possibility to make new connections, learn from one another and have a cozy time while learning English together.

Anglų kalbos kursai

Educational workshops

Learning implies constant growth and development. Workshops are the best way to keep improving and growing as a learner. They help share knowledge and experience within the community of learners as well as discuss different novelties and changes in the language. During the workshops, we will cover essential teaching/learning topics as well as share effective educational tips and recommendations.


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It is never too late to start. AboutEnglish is inviting adults and their children to join online English lessons.



Welcome to my English channel for young learners. There you will be able to find educational videos for different age groups. The introductory video explains